Our webinars are an easy and convenient way to meet your training requirements without the pressure of travelling. Each webinar provides practical, up to date training for professionals, business leaders and advisers.
Our webinars are recorded, so if you can not make it to our live session, you are able to watch it when it suits you. 

PwC webinars are a great way to earn verifiable Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours. 

Webinars and recordings available

Course name Duration Next running
Practical Guidance on business combination accounting 2 hours Webinar recording
2019 Financial reporting update 1.5 hours 24 Jun
Accounting in the digital age - moving to the cloud 1.5 hours Webinar recording
IFRS 15 - Revenue from Contracts with Customers 4 Hours Webinar recording
IFRS 16 - Leases 4 hours Webinar recording
IFRS 9 Financial Instruments 4 Hours Webinar recording
Indirect Tax webinar series 2019 8 hours 01 May
Practical Guidance on impairment testing 2 hours Webinar recording
Practical Guidance on Trust Taxation 2 hours Webinar recording
Professional ethics training for business professionals 4 hours 25 Jun
Tax Compliance: Foundation webinar series 7 hours 21 May
Tax insights webinar series 2019 8 hours 22 May
Tax Working Group final report 1 hour Webinar recording