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ANZ and PWC would like to invite you to our next Export Collective which has a focus on “Market Identification & Fit,” in relation to the US market in particular. This event will be run as a panel aimed at bringing you practical, actionable insights from peers and industry experts.  

Joining the panel for the event will be the following guest speakers, each will expand on their business experience exporting to the US and will be more than happy to take questions at the Q&A session that will follow the panel discussions. These questions can be raised at the event, or emailed in advance.

  • Greg Jarvis - CEO Bluelab - Greg has extensive experience in manufacturing, production, engineering with over 20 years’ experience in the export industry. Greg has owed Bluelab since 2000 and is still as enthusiastic now as the first day he started.  Greg is passionate about the products, the people and the growers.  Every day is different with always a new challenge on the horizon which he embraces with zeal. Greg holds a Bachelor of Business Studies from Massey University and a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering from the University of Auckland and is a member of the Institute of Directors.
  • Dan Hansen – PwC - Dan has over 25 years' experience in senior management and governance roles in New Zealand, United Kingdom and North America and has first-hand commercial experience in over 30 countries. Dan has a background in engineering and technology and after managing technology companies in New Zealand, went on to senior management roles in the UK technology sector running businesses in Southern Africa, Europe and North America. Dan has significant experience in the technology, engineering and manufacturing sectors and is a Partner at PwC following the acquisition of the niche consulting practice MSM he founded on 2009.   
  • David Babich – Babich Wines - Babich Wines are an award winning New Zealand winery. David is the CEO, and is part of the third generation of Babich’s that have been running the Company and making New Zealand wine for over 100 years. Babich wines are enjoyed through NZ, as well as being exported to over 60 international markets including the UK and United States.
  • Ivan Seselj– Nintex –Ivan founded Promapp in 2002 after identifying the need for simple, sociable, shareable BPM software. His experience and passion for helping teams improve the way they share and manage their business process knowledge has led him to help hundreds of organisations around the world develop and foster a positive improvement culture. Promapp was acquired by Nintex in 2018.

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