PwC’s leadership development team can assist to develop authentic leaders to drive high team performance.

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We enable your managers to grow into leaders who drive culture, values and excellence in delivery. Leaders who demonstrate high levels of emotional intelligence and self awareness will be able to lead change while dealing with high pressure situations and crises.

In all our development, the focus is initially on the individual, with an emphasis on developing authentic leaders who understand their own strengths and preferences.

Using advanced facilitation techniques and a strength-based approach, we can quickly create an environment for a team to explore its members’ individual preferences, preferred ways of working and how that translates in the workplace – positively impacting both the team and its outputs.

The Authentic Leadership Programme is a modular programme comprising of four two-day modules with in-between sessions and work, run over several months. It is designed to imbed deep and lasting change for level two to four leaders with a sharp focus on authenticity.  It can be tailored to suit your organisation’s needs.

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