Our webinar recording covers practical aspects of business combination accounting.

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    Practical Guidance on business combination accounting
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If the mere mention of business combination accounting makes you break into a cold sweat (or a deep slumber), you are not alone!

This accounting standard is highly relevant in this ever evolving business environment but can be hard to apply in business or can often be misinterpreted.

We have a practical solution which will help you not only apply this standard with plenty of useful tips, but also share the common pitfalls that you'll want to avoid on the way.

We have asked our best and brightest accounting standard specialists here at PwC to break down this accounting standard into an easy-to-digest and practical online training session, giving you the freedom and flexibility to upskill, build your confidence and gain those valuable CPD credits.

Practical guidance on business combination accounting -

  • Distinguishing between acquiring a business and an asset
  • Determining the consideration paid
  • Identifying assets and liabilities acquired
  • Determining non-controlling interests and goodwill
  • Common pitfalls
  • Q&A session

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