This webinar recording on IFRS 9 will delve into the details of the fundamental changes, with a specific focus on hedge accounting, to enable you to effectively implement the new requirements.

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    IFRS 9 Financial Instruments
    Webinar recording
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Our webinars are an easy and convenient way to meet your IFRS training requirements. Our 4 hour webinar is split into two webinars, each for two hours, on consecutive days.

The following are some areas that will be covered during the IFRS 9 webinar: 

  • The new model for the classification and measurement of financial assets and liabilities and differences from IAS 39. 
  • IFRS 9’s new impairment model. 
  • The shift away from IAS 39’s incurred credit loss approach to an expected credit loss model. 
  • Hedge accounting. 
  • Quantitative testing requirements.
  • Disclosure requirements. 
  • Practical considerations and transition guidance.

Learning Outcomes

Upon satisfactory completion of this activity delegates will be able to: 

  • Explain the fundamental requirements of IFRS 9 including the key changes from IAS 39. 
  • Identify the common challenges and pitfalls when applying the requirements of IFRS 9. 
  • Identify the frequently asked questions raised by companies and auditors regarding implementation to date. 
  • Ascertain the practical expedients and operational simplifications available to assist with implementation. 
  • Explain key disclosure and transition requirements. 
  • Use relevant case studies and sample models to understand how the requirements should be applied. 
  • Identify key issues in applying an expected credit loss model for impairment including how to calculate expected credit losses. 
  • Explore opportunities to use new hedging strategies that were not previously available and the result on income statement outcomes.


Benefit from detailed case studies, practical insights and frequently asked questions on implementation issues around IFRS 9, which should enable you to effectively implement the new requirements.

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