Increase your ability to lead a major change initiative in your organisation

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In association with University of Auckland Business school, PwC is pleased to showcase University of Auckland's leadership course within our training portfolio.

This course uses relevant theory, research and participant’s own experiences to explore the modern role of management.
The global market place is being transformed with the rate of change becoming exponential.

The ability to adapt to continuous change with agility and speed whilst engaging your people is probably the single most important strategic challenge facing the vast majority of organisations.

This two day course is designed for people who:

  • Are not content to follow others
  • Believe the best way to win is to rewrite the rules
  • Are unafraid to challenge the status quo
  • Are more inclined to to build something than slash and burn
  • Are excited by the challenge

Topics covered

Our journey into the change management sphere will focus on the provision of systematic methods.

We will explore the conflict arising from the ‘rational’ and ‘irrational’ change management philosophies. We will specifically focus on John Kotter’s books Leading Change and Accelerate article. From these tools and techniques for you to use back in your work place will be provided. We will focus on seven key areas:    

  • Historical profile of change management and a look towards the future
  • The change process
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Foundations of change management  
  • What I must change
  • Leading your team
  • Leading individuals who block


You will:

  • Enhance your ability to challenge the status quo
  • Have the ability to lead a major change initiative
  • Be able to influence others and enthuse them with the prospect of embracing change

Your organisation will:

  • Be able to identify the key influencers in your organisation and identify the key members of a change management team
  • Benefit from the shift in attitudes of people and demonstrate the impact of the changes by way of engagement scores
  • Be capable of embracing a much higher rate of change with confidence enthusiasm and passion

What participants say

"I came away from this short course fired with enthusiasm, and ready to take up the facilitator's challenge to do something with what I'd learnt. The facilitator gave us useful tools and insights into the change process and what we need to do as individuals and as companies to be agile and innovative. The  real value back in the workplace is using the practical tools we've been given to start making a difference in the organisation." 
Vivienne Edgecombe - Human Resources Advisor @ Livestock Improvement Corporation

 Who Should Attend?

  • Team members and leaders assigned responsibility for change management initiatives.
  • Senior executives concerned with the complacency and resistance of some of their people
  • Future leaders seeking an opportunity to enhance their career path prospects

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