Taxation of property can be quite confusing and without clear understanding, general and common mistakes can become costly. This seminar is designed to provide information on the options when it comes to property taxation and how to structure your property ownership.

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Register today to join Chris Leatham (Partner PwC) as he shares his significant practical experience to expel the confusion and explain what property structures you can choose from.
This seminar provides essential content for anybody interested in property investment and development.

The seminar will cover:

  • when you have to pay tax on the sale of property, and when you don't
  • the new rules for ring-fencing of losses on negatively geared properties
  • what structures are best to use, taking into account asset protection, estate planning, cost and tax
  • when and when not to use different structures for property ownership, including:
    - trusts
    - companies
    - look through companies
    - limited partnerships
    - a combination of these
    - how the new 'Brightline' test works for taxing property sales within five years
    - the lastest from the Tax Working Group and what a capital gains tax might look like under the current government.

Target audience

This seminar has essential content for those interested in property investment and development.


Chris Leatham

Chris Leatham, PwC Property expert

Chris leads our private business and corporate tax practices in Wellington. He provides practical business, structuring and tax advice to privately owned businesses. He is a recognised expert in the property industry.


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