This workshop will help you understand the language of accountants, key concepts and information presented in financial statements.

  • Aug 07
    1 day, Wed 9:00 AM - Wed 4:30 PM PwC Centre, Christchurch Isabel Monk, Ross Nelson
    • $862.50 incl. GST
  • Nov 26
    1 day, Tue 9:00 AM - Tue 4:30 PM PwC Tower, Auckland Ross Nelson, Isabel Monk
    • $862.50 incl. GST
  • Nov 28
    1 day, Thu 9:00 AM - Thu 4:30 PM PwC Centre, Wellington Ross Nelson, Isabel Monk
    • $862.50 incl. GST
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Do you look at financial information and see a blur of numbers? Like it or not, financial information is fundamental to how successful organisations operate and it's not just the finance team that needs to understand it.

We've developed a full day workshop to demystify accounting and its jargon for people who work with financial information but lack confidence with it.  We'll help you understand the fundamentals and share tips and tricks to help you understand accounting, budgeting and financial information to ensure you can work more effectively with the numbers that are relevant to you.

Specifically the course will cover:

  • Understanding financial statements.
  • Accounting concepts and principles.
  • Interpreting financial statements and using financial ratios.
  • Common accounting terminology.
  • Areas of interest e.g. depreciation, debt versus equity financing, income recognition.
  • Budgeting and income tax
  • Topical issues (Cloud accounting etc).

Target Audience

This course is relevant for:

  • Non-accountants in finance teams.
  • Anyone who has to communicate with accountants.
  • Anyone wanting a basic understanding of financial reporting.
  • Anyone responsible for setting or managing a budget.
  • Anyone wanting a broad knowledge of accounting fundamentals to enable them to be more effective.

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