Keeping up to date is essential for anyone with an interest in tax so this year as a valued customer we are pleased to offer you our Ultimate tax update package. In addition to joining our monthly Tax Insights webinars you are also invited to register for one our our nationwide Facts on Tax seminars that kick off in February 2018.

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Our Facts on Tax seminars offer a practical and interactive way of learning. The upcoming series will cover recent and key topical tax issues for organisations operating in today's environment, including issues we see our clients facing and scenarios previous attendees have requested.

Already we have great material to share with you, covering:

  • GST - rentals / Air BNB / other
  • Property - law changes and topical issues
  • Leaky buildings deductibility
  • Trusts -how complying / non-complying / foreign trusts are taxed
  • Provisional tax -new rules and opportunities
  • Political parties - tax policies
  • Liquidation distributions and overdrawn current accounts
  • International tax
  • FBT - back to basics
  • Last six months update

And with a new Government moving quickly to legislate its election promises, we expect by February there to be a lot of topical tax issues which you will need to be up with the play on.

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