As a leader, your awareness of your leadership strengths and style is a key step to developing authentic leadership.

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This workshop uses Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) as a basis to explore “In the Grip” stress behaviours in ourselves and those around us. MBTI preferences help us to identify, understand and address the Stressors which impact on the “Inferior Function” of our MBTI Type. Recognising when we are “In the Grip” will enable us to focus on understanding our “Energisers” which can act as counter-balances.

What we will do

This workshop will consist of discussion, exercises and self-reflection, to assist you in:

  • understanding your MBTI type
  • exploring the meaning of your MBTI dominant, auxiliary, tertiary and inferior functions
  • understanding your energisers and stressors.

Prior to attending this workshop, you will need to complete a Myers Briggs Type indicator assessment. You will be provided with an interpretive report, which will be used throughout the workshop. You do not need to have attended a MBTI workshop previously, but if you have, part of the workshop will serve as a refresher, however the bulk of the work will be dealing with MBTI's inferior functions.

The outcome

This workshop will help you to understand the functions of your type, enabling you to identify your preferences and blindspots and learn how to use them positively. You will start work on an individual resilience plan, taking into account the learnings from the workshop.


This workshop is suitable for any individual who wants to:

• expand their MBTI understanding;
• increase awareness of stress behaviours and reactions;
• improve his/her response to stress
• understand the blindspots and stress behaviours of colleagues.



Stephen Drain is a Partner in Consulting who consults in leadership development, working with organisations and senior leaders to develop authentic and innovative leadership development solutions.

For the third year Stephen is running a modular leadership programme for a large local government organisation with a focus on authentic leadership.

Stephen facilitates to ensure learnings are retained and that participants engage in the manner that suits their preferences. He is a qualified MBTI Administrator and a Chartered Member of the Human Resources Institute of New Zealand (with specialisation in Development, Training and Learning).


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