This workshop demonstrates the key components of a business case and discusses which tools to use for the different types of business cases you may prepare.

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In the current economy, more than ever, investments are only made if business owners are satisfied the potential returns will meet their strategic and financial goals.

The ability to create a credible, fact-based justification of a particular course of action is a must-have skill for those involved in any type of funds approval process.

Workshop content:

  • The purpose of a business case
  • Business case preparation checklist
  • Business case sections
  • Financial and qualitative justification
  • Effective presentation and writing skills

This workshop will use a variety of case studies and examples to reinforce the key concepts. Attendees will be provided with detailed course notes, which contain the days presentation.

Workshop deliverables:

  • Learn how the business case must be written in persuasive language.
  • Review classification methodology as it relates to the link between business strategy and the business case, including the objectives of the financier to whom you are applying for funds.
  • Clarify financial and non-financial metrics and their relationship to the Business Case, in particular interpreting the results of the financial metrics.
  • Identify the best way to package and present the business case.

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