This practical one day workshop will provide you with insights on how to understand digital risks and manage your cyber security.

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This workshop will provide you with the knowledge and a strategy to ensure cyber security in your organisation is fit for purpose.

With changing business expectations and risk landscapes, businesses need to keep up with the latest opportunities, threats and technology change. Having a poor IT security strategy and capability can expose organisations to significant levels of risk.

The Global State of Information Security Survey 2017 found that security breaches are on the rise in New Zealand and across the globe, so it’s no surprise to find that as the number of information security incidents continues to mount as do associated impacts and financial losses.

This unique and interactive workshop will provide you with the knowledge you need to:

  • Develop a strategy to ensure cyber security in your organisation is fit for purpose.
  • Generate high level security framework and roadmap.
  • Ask the questions and know the answers that your board and executive need.
  • Gain insights on how cyber security risks can be managed.
  • Review your cyber security function, enabling you to gain efficiencies and increase the value your staff, vendors and partners provide.
  • Form a view of what you should be focussing on and protecting. You will understand security in the context of your organisations.
  • Understand why cyber incidents are different, the motivations of your attacker and what effective preparation and response looks like.

This workshop includes a Game of Threat'sTM session that simulates some of the real world challenges of cyber security and responding to an incident, to make the security challenge 'real'. 

The primary objective is to give you the knowledge you need to achieve the confidence that your investment in cyber security results in the appropriate and effective management of your digital risk

Target Audience

This course is relevant for:

  • Executives
  • Business owners and management
  • Information management professional
  • Anyone with a responsibility for cyber security

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