We provide practical, up to date training for finance professionals, business leaders and advisors. Presented by our market leading industry experts, we share our insights and real world experience through a unique series of training seminars focussed on today's issues for business.

We understand that continuous learning and development of people is at the heart of every successful organisation. Our training delivers the best of PwC's experience advising successful organisations through highly effective courses for people with a passion to learn.

Our seminars provide Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours for lawyers and accountants.

Seminars available 

Course name Duration Next running
2017 Financial reporting update 1.5 hours Webinar Recording
2017 Financial reporting update 1.5 hours Register interest
Accounting for the Non-Accountant course All day 22 Nov
Anti-Money Laundering: the changing regime in New Zealand and challenges faced by new and existing Reporting Entities 2.5 hours Register interest
Becoming a Skilled Lead Internal/External Auditor - 2 Days 2 Days Register interest
Central Government and Crown Entities indirect tax training 2 hours Register interest
Effective communication - thinking on your feet for finance and business professionals 7.5 hours 28 Feb 18
Effective Governance 1.5 hours Webinar recording
Financial Modelling for Finance Professionals 7 Hours 06 Mar 18
Financial wellbeing - planning for your future 5 hours Register interest
GST and Customs update 3 hours Online activities
GST on property transactions 3 hours Register interest
How to develop and present a winning business case 6 Hours Register interest
IFRS 15 Revenue from Contracts with Customers 4 Hours
IFRS 16 Leases 4 Hours
IFRS 9 Financial Instruments 4 Hours
Integrated Management Systems Lead Auditor Workshop - 5 Days 5 Days
Introductory corporate treasury management course All day Register interest
Local Government Tax Update: 10 years anniversary series - North Island 7.5 hours Register interest
Local Government Tax Update: 10 years anniversary series - South Island 7.5 hours 28 Nov
Managing digital and cyber security risks 7 hours Register interest
Managing Stress and “In the Grip” Behaviours with MBTI 4 Hours Register interest
Maximising results with China for New Zealand Businesses 7 Hours
My Tax Partner - Hamilton 2.5 hours Register interest
MyTax Partner 2.5 hours
New Zealand Tax Compliance Training: A corporate tax course All Day 29 Nov
New Zealand tax workshops- Two day workshop 2 Days 22 Nov
Practical guidance on business combination accounting and impairment testing 2 Hours 22 Nov
Practical Guidance on Trust Taxation 2 hours Webinar recording
Professional ethics: ethics training course for business professionals 4 hours 22 Nov
PwC 2017 Financial Reporting Update New Plymouth 2 hours
PwC Hawke's Bay Technical Update 30 Nov
PwC IFRS 15 Training Workshop Register interest
PwC Waikato Inform sessions - Oct/Nov 2017 2 hours Register interest
Research and Development: accounting and tax issues 2 Hours Webinar recording
Tax effect accounting 4 hours 20 Mar 18
Tax insights webinar series 1 hour 13 Dec
Taxation of investments 2.5 hours Webinar recording
The CFO’s Guide to Best Practice Financial Models 3 hours Register interest
Understanding practical business combination accounting and the impairment process 2 Hours Register interest
Understanding the impairment process 2 Hours Register interest
Waikato Inform sessions Oct/Nov 2017 2 hours