Please join us for an information session on Payday Filing Changes.

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Are you are ready for payday filing, compulsory from 1 April 2019?
Join our free session to get you up to date. 

Phil Fisher, PwC Partner, and Josie Goddard, PwC Senior Manager, are leading the discussions with clients to ensure they are ready for the payday filing changes. They also have strong relationships with Inland Revenue officials who are keen to work collaboratively with employers and their advisors to ensure a smooth transition.

Phil and Josie will cover:

  • An overview of the payday filing changes.
  • The payment obligations.
  • How to report 'special payments' (eg out-of-cycle pays, shadow payroll, employee share benefits, payments to contractors).
  • Additional information required for new and departing employees.
  • How to report to Inland Revenue.
  • Briefly discuss common challenges in employment tax compliance using case studies.

The payday filing changes are only one stage as part of Inland Revenue's wider business transformation programme. Phil and Josie will touch on the other relevant transformation changes, and in particular how they could impact on employers in the future.


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