On 18 & 19 October and 25 & 26 October our senior associates / senior analysts across the firm will be participating in our Trail Finders Leadership Development Programme. Part of the programme focusses on relationship skills and networking and we'd appreciate your help in embedding the key messages of these sessions.

  • Oct 18
    Session choices Auckland
    Session information
    Netwoking session 1
    Thu 18 Oct 17:45 - Thu 18 Oct 18:45
    Netwoking session 2
    Thu 25 Oct 17:45 - Thu 25 Oct 18:45


Following day one of the programme the participants are invited to practice their networking skills at a networking event and we would like you to participate in this event as a Partner or senior staff member who the participants can network with.
During this event all that we ask is that you come along ready to be networked with by our Trail Finders participants who will have spent some time in the afternoon preparing for this opportunity to network with you.
The networking event is on Thursday 18 October and Thursday 25 Oct from 5.45pm - 6.45pm at PwC Tower, Auckland. Drinks and nibbles will be provided.
Please indicate your availability by registering for what dte you can attend (Feel free to click on both if you are able to attend both!).
Further information will be provided to those who can attend.
It would be great to provide our high performing staff members with a very real networking event in which they can exercise their networking talents. We really hope you can join us!


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