Are you responsible for FBT compliance? Our 1.5 hour webinar will show you how you can prepare your FBT returns efficiently using FBT software to help you improve your returns process and avoid common pitfalls.

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Our webinar aims to build on our FBT technical sessions offering you practical training on how to prepare FBT returns, using Taxlab.

By the end of the webinar you will be aware of topical and practical issues that we commonly see made in returns, which will help you and your business streamline your FBT returns process.

Particular topics to be covered include:

  • basic overview of the software
  • what data you need to collate, and how to efficiently gather it
  • how to upload data
  • how to manage FBT on motor vehicles and drivers
  • what settings should be selected
  • how to split costs into cost centres
  • how to review and use sense checks, filters and sorting to identify anomalies
  • how confidentiality options work
  • User management etc.

Target audience

This webinar is, designed for finance personnel who have responsibility for FBT and currently use Taxlab FBT, or who are considering using Taxlab FBT. This may include Tax, Human Resources, Payroll and Finance staff.


Webinar: $150 plus GST


Allen Knight / Managing Director – Taxlab
Allen is a visionary tax software designer with a unique skillset. He works closely with TaxLab’s customers, leads tax product design and runs the business. Allen has worked in tax since 1998 including as Head of Tax Technology for Deloitte. He has practiced as a corporate tax advisor for Deloitte in New Zealand and in the UK and has managed in-house compliance for Corbis and Expedia’s European operations.

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