This workshop can help you plan your retirement and achieve your financial goals.

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Would you like to be in control of your finances and savings? Would you like to plan for your future? 

Our workshop is proven and effective at helping busy executives, professionals and business owners understand:

  • Where income is being spent
  • The power of ‘compounding investment returns’
  • The lifestyle that can be sustained at different stages during your working career and retirement

Client testimonial:  “Until I met with PwC, I lived in fear of leaving my well paid job because I had little savings (and didn’t know why) and no sense of what retirement would be financially like for my spouse and I.”

Our workshop utilises a sophisticated PwC workbook designed and built by one of the world’s leading financial modelers to project your future financial position scenarios, allowing you to make decisions today that will help you and your family plan the future you want.

Please note: this workshop is for individual / personal use. We also hold exclusive sessions for individuals/groups from business organisations who care about their teams Financial Well-being.

Target Audience

This course is relevant for:

  • Executives
  • Professionals 
  • Business owners
  • Anyone interested in planning for their retirement and achieving their financial goals
  • organisational teams - Professional services 

PwC NZ has developed a unique Financial Model and owns this Intellectual Property it has created. Hence to protect this Intellectual Property, PwC has the sole right to determine who it accepts to attend training courses, where this Financial Model is utilised.

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Reference materials

You’ll walk away with your personalised model which you can update as you need. 


$950.00 plus GST, includes lunch and refreshments

CPD hours

5 hours

Course Numbers

Limited to 15 attendees


Robbie Gimblett

Robbie Gimblett, PwC Partner

As the Private Business Market Sector Leader, Robbie is passionate about building relationships and working closely with his private business clients to really understand their business and help them achieve their goals.

Seeing the difference he and his team can make to these businesses, their shareholders, plus New Zealand (being the land of small-to-medium sized businesses), is a huge part of what drives him in his role. He is also on the executive team for Private Business across PwC Asia / Pacific. In this role he has also worked with various Asian / Pacific Territories and their private clients to both plan and achieve their future goals.

Robbie’s clients range from small to large across a number of industries in the Private Business sector. As a Partner since 1997, Robbie is one of PwC’s most experienced Partners servicing private businesses and their owners. Robbie has a very loyal and longstanding client base – to which he is a “trusted advisor”. His specialties include strategy and planning, trusts, wealth & estate planning, prospective financial models, accounting and taxation. He is particularly interested in services, investment and property. He loves helping clients to develop a well thought out plan, then working with them to ensure a successful implementation.

Louis Mclennan

Louis works with a wide range of New Zealand privately owned businesses across different sectors and at various stages of the business life cycle. With over 12 years experience working as a tax adviser in New Zealand and abroad, Louis' specialist areas include private businesses of scale, fast growth clients, family offices with passive wealth and the financial services, property and technology sectors.

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